Friday Five: Memory Foam Mattresses!

Happy Friday! Time for another five mattresses we love? We think so, too! This week, we bring you some of our favourite memory foam mattresses!

You’re likely to have heard of memory foam, as this clever technology has been available for a little while now. Just like any other kind of mattress, memory foam comes in all price ranges and can be suitable for people of all body types. In fact, they’re fantastic for partners of different weights, as the memory foam moulds to each person’s individual contours to provide outstanding support, and minimises disturbance between partners as they move during the night.

The Memory Supreme from Relyon

The Memory Luxe from Snuggle
If you like the sound of a memory foam mattress but have a smaller budget, at £139 for a double the Memory Luxe is a great entry level mattress that offers plenty of support! A layer of memory foam and a soft micro-quilted cover make the mattress soft and comfortable, and with a medium tension it is perfectly suited to people of an average weight.

The Restaspring Memory from Restopaedic A fantastic memory foam mattress from Restopaedic, priced at just £265 for a double, the Restaspring combines a layer of memory foam with sumptuous fibre fillings. A soft, knitted cover creates a luxurious sleeping surface. A special head-to-toe hinged spring system provides support throughout the night, and the rod edge prevents the sides from sagging, ensuring the prolonged life of the mattress.

The Titanium Deluxe from Breasley
Breasley are well known for their foam mattresses, which arrive in handy vacuum packaging to make it easier for you to move it to the room of your choice. The Titanium Deluxe, priced at £499 for a double, features an incredible 90mm layer of memory foam that moulds to your body, providing fantastic support and comfort throughout the night. The removable, washable cover is designed to keep your body at the perfect resting temperature and makes cleaning a breeze.

The Ortho Cool Memory from the British Bed Company
A truly luxurious mattress from the British Bed Company, the Ortho Cool Memory is priced at £699 for a double and offers the benefits of both a thick layer of memory foam and 2000 pocket springs. The sides are reinforced by the British Bed Company’s innovative Bulldog Border technology, and a knitted THERMIC® cover prevents the mattress from overheating, keeping the mattress cool and dry throughout the night.

The Memory Supreme from Relyon
Relyon’s slogan isn’t “The best beds in the world” for nothing! The Memory Supreme costs £799 for a double and features a thick memory foam pillow top for outstanding comfort. 2400 pocket springs make up the base of this mattress, allowing you to sink into it and for it to mould to your contours and offer the precise level of support you need. A Cool Comfort cover regulates the temperature and ensures that you sleep comfortably.

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