Friday Five: Natural Fillings!

It’s the end of another long week. We’ve celebrated the fifth anniversary of our Ipswich store and just launched our winter sale — we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to fall into bed! So it’s time for another five of our favourite mattresses.

Some of the most comfortable mattresses we have to offer are those with natural fillings such as cotton and wool, as well as more luxurious fillings such as silk and cashmere in higher end models. These fillings are chosen for the natural comfort, heat regulation, and hygiene that they offer, and are used in various combinations in these mattresses to help give you the best possible night’s sleep. Here are five of our favourite mattresses that use natural fillings.

The Natural Supreme from Relyon

The Hotel Rest Deluxe from the British Bed Company This is one of the latest additions to the British Bed Company Range, costing £299 for a double. Cotton naturally regulates body temperature and is the primary filling for this firm tension mattress, combined with a base of over 1000 pocket springs. The Hotel Rest Deluxe mattress is hand-tufted to hold all the fillings in place and create a firmer sleeping surface. Vents help to keep the mattress cool, and handles make seasonal flipping and rotation of the mattress easy.

The New Backcare Ultimate from Sleepeezee
As the name suggests, this is a great mattress for people suffering from back pain, priced at £489 for a double. 2000 pocket springs mould to the body, supporting the natural curves of your spine. Wool is a fantastic natural insulator and is anti-allergenic, while cashmere is even softer and finer than wool, and a luxury filling found in high-end mattresses. The mattress is hand-tufted to keep the fillings in place. Vents allow the mattress to “breathe” during the night, while the handles make the mattress more easy to manoeuvre.

The Viscount from the British Bed Company
Just reduced to £525 for a double in our winter sale, the Viscount is a luxury pocket sprung mattress with fillings of wool, cotton and cashmere. The 1400 pocket springs are individually encased, responding only to direct pressure so that they can mould to the body. As well as providing the best level of support, this is also great for couples who share a bed, as each person can move freely without disturbing the other. The British Bed Company’s Bulldog Border technology, as well as three rows of side stitching, supports the sides of the mattress, and hand-tufting ensures the fillings are firmly held together.

The Natural Supreme 2200 from Relyon
A luxurious pillow-top mattress with a double layer of pocket springs to support your natural curves, the Natural Supreme costs £699 for a double and is packed with the softest lambswool, cashmere and silk, earning it our highest comfort rating of 9. Three rows of side stitching reinforce the sides, while hand-tufting packs the fillings tightly together. The pillow top layer provides a sumptuously soft and comfortable sleeping surface.

The Baronet from Hypnos
Hypnos are renowned for their extremely high-quality mattresses, and particularly for their use of natural fillings. Available in both medium and medium-firm tension, the Baronet has just gone into our winter sale and now costs £675 for a double. It has a base of 1200 double-tempered pocket springs for body-moulding support, and fillings of soft lambswool and light cotton, ideal for regulating temperature and keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. The dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each Hypnos mattress is evident in details such as the side stitching and hand-tufting, and quality is assured by an incredible ten-year guarantee.

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