Friday Five: Orthopaedic Mattresses!

It’s Friday again, which means it can only be time for another Friday Five! This week, orthopaedic mattresses take the stage, as we share with you some of our favourite mattresses for fantastic backcare and comfort.

The New Legend Ortho from Snuggle

The Anniversary Pocket Ortho from the British Bed Company
Launched to celebrate the British Bed Company’s first birthday and priced at £199 for a double, the Anniversary Pocket Ortho boasts 1000 body-moulding pocket springs and layers of high-quality fibre fillings for optimum support and comfort. The mattress has handles for easy manoeuvrability, while vents allow the mattress to “breathe” during the night, allowing you to stay cool and dry as you sleep.

The Backcare Firm from Sealy Sealy are the largest manufacturers of mattresses in the world, with over a century of experience and a particular speciality in orthopaedic mattresses with their Posturepedic range. The Backcare Firm’s base is the Posturepedic spring system, which is specially designed to support the spine in its natural position and helps to eliminate tossing and turning during the night. Hand-tufting secures the fillings in place, creating a firm sleeping surface. The Backcare Firm offers fantastic value for money, too, costing just £199 for a double.

The Billionaire Ortho from Healthopaedic
The Billionaire Ortho mattress, priced at £249 for a double, is fantastic for backcare, with a base of pocket springs that mould to the individual contours of your body and prevent roll-together between partners, allowing you both to sleep undisturbed. The fillings are hypoallergenic, making this mattress great for allergy sufferers. The mattress is hand-tufted, with handles to make moving and turning the mattress over an easy task.

The New Legend Ortho from Snuggle
If you like a very firm mattress, the New Legend Ortho is a great choice, as it’s one of the firmest mattresses on our website, one of just two rated Extra Firm. The New Legend Ortho is now in our winter sale for £375 for a double. The base is comprised of a massive 2000 pocket springs, which mould around the body as you sleep to align your spine and support your body in its natural position. As it has so many strings and its fillings are so densely packed for firmness, the New Legend Ortho is quite heavy, but handles make it easier to move and to seasonally turn and rotate to prolong the life of the mattress. Vents keep the mattress cool and dry throughout the night.

The Ortho Cool Memory from the British Bed Company
The Ortho Cool Memory makes use of clever THERMIC technology, which limits the build-up of the sometimes uncomfortable heat that some people find with memory foam. The base is made up of 2000 pocket springs to provide outstanding support for your back, while the fillings include a massive 100mm of memory foam to mould to your body, prevent uncomfortable pressure beneath your hips and shoulders, and keep your spine perfectly aligned throughout the night. The Ortho Cool Memory costs £749 for a double.