Six Sleep Inventions We Love at CES 2015!

The people behind some of the most exciting new technology we’ll be seeing this year are in Las Vegas right now for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show! We’ve taken a look at some of the amazing products that are being exhibited this year, and it’s good news if you value your beauty sleep! Here are some of the best sleep-related items that could be finding a place in your bedroom soon!

The Melomind from myBrain
It’s no good trying to sleep if your brain refuses to shut off and let you! That’s why we love the idea of the Melomind, a wearable device that encourages relaxation through meditation and music! It also monitors your brainwaves as you use it so that you can keep an eye on your progress and visualise your levels of relaxation. It’s maybe a bit impractical to actually wear to bed, but we’re sure fifteen minutes or so before you try to sleep could do some good!

The SleepPhones from Acoustic Sheep
If you do want something to help you relax while you’re trying to get to sleep, these clever SleepPhones are a good bet! The comfortable headband plugs into your phone or mp3 player like regular headphones, goes a long way towards blocking out unwanted noises, and, if you have a partner, allows you to listen to music or ambient sound without disturbing them. SleepPhones also run for up to 12 hours on just one charge!

The Activité Pop from Withings
Withings offered the pretty cool Aura at CES 2014, which monitors your sleep as well as providing ambient surroundings to help you relax. This year they’re back with the Activité Pop, a smart watch that not only tracks sleep, enabling you to see areas in which you can improve, but also keeps track of your exercise (even swimming, as it’s totally waterproof!). Among its many clever features, it has a vibrate alarm to wake you up gently in the morning, and everything syncs up with your smartphone, including the watch function itself, so no pesky resetting.

The NextOne wristband from E Fun
If a watch isn’t your thing, you can trade it out for a simple wristband instead. Simple in looks alone, of course — the NextOne has all sorts of nifty functions, monitoring your heart rate and activity, including your sleep. There’s also a silent vibrating alarm that wakes you up at the optimal time based on the data gathered about your sleep the previous night. For those with partners, it’s also a great way to wake up on time without disturbing them!

The HugOne from Sevenhugs
A pattern emerges, as the HugOne is also designed to monitor sleep — the difference here is that it’s created for the whole family! The HugOne hub connects to up to six “Minihugs”, which are placed on the edge of the bed and send information back to the hub about what time the person falls asleep, how much they move about during the night, and what time they wake up. It’s ideal for parents who want to see how well their children are sleeping, and enables them to, for example, check the best time to wake them up based on their sleeping pattern.

The DreamScience from Oregon Scientific
Designed to both lull you to sleep and wake you up gently, the DreamScience uses ambient light and sound that slowly reduces in volume and rhythm to help you nod off, with a timer that you can set to 30, 60, or 90 minutes. It has 20 “soundscapes”, with a port to connect your own phone or mp3 player if you wish. The DreamScience also has an alarm clock, and uses audio signals designed to target certain areas of the brain depending on whether you’re falling asleep or need to wake up. And for a full sensory experience, Oregon Scientific is also showing the AuraBreeze at CES 2015, a similar device to the DreamScience but with the added feature of aromatherapy mist with just a touch!

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