Rising Stars: Healthosleep's Memory Foam Mattresses

Did you know that memory foam has its origins in space travel? That’s right, one of the bedding industry’s most comfortable components was created by NASA! Originally created to provide better crash protection and seat cushioning for pilots, memory foam has since been used for sports equipment, medical purposes, and of course, mattresses.

But up-and-coming manufacturers Healthosleep want to get back to memory foam’s space roots, as demonstrated by their brand new Space Collection! These are top-of-the-range memory foam mattresses, each containing at least 75mm of high-density memory foam for outstanding comfort and support.

The Apollo is the first mattress in the Space Collection, currently available at a reduced price of £325 for a double! The Apollo has 75mm of memory foam and a reflex foam base. As a medium-firm mattress, it’s great for people of an average to heavier weight, and could be your perfect mattress if you’re suffering with back pain.

The Voyager is a step up, with 100mm of memory foam over its reflex foam base. The memory foam and reflex foam work in tandem, moulding to your body and aligning your spine so that you are supported in your natural sleeping position. If you find the Apollo a little too firm, the medium Voyager might be a better choice for you. Both the Apollo and the Voyager have knitted removeable covers, making it easy for you to keep your mattress clean, and arrive vacuum-packed for convenience.

If you want to experience the combined benefit of pocket springs and memory foam, then look no further than the Discovery, which contains a massive 1500 pocket springs topped with 75mm of memory foam. Pocket springs are a fantastic choice for couples, as the independent movement of the springs means that both people can move about freely during the night without disturbing their partner. The memory foam top layer ensures comfort and provides additional support.

At the top of the range is the Enterprise, which contains an enormous 135mm of very high density memory foam on a reflex foam base. This 85mg/m3 density memory foam is only used in the very best memory foam mattresses, and provides incredible comfort and support, ensuring that you wake up feeling well-rested. At a medium firmness, the Enterprise is suitable for a wide range of people.

All the memory foam mattresses in the Space Collection are one-sided, so do not require turning, only seasonal rotation. For your peace of mind, the Apollo, Voyager and Discovery all come with a five-year warranty, while the Enterprise comes with a massive ten-year warranty.

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