Red Z Bed Bargains!

Have you checked out our Red Z sale yet? Right now, we’re offering you even better deals on a huge range of mattresses, as well as bargain bed frames and divans! From pocket springs to memory foam, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect mattress at a brilliant price! Here are some of our Red Z favourites!

The Damask Quilt from Snuggle
Looking for something for the spare room, a new mattress for your child, or just want something comfortable on a budget? The Damask Quilt from Snuggle, priced at £119 for a double, could be the perfect choice for you! This mattress has a supportive open coil spring system and soft fibre fillings, making it a great option for allergy sufferers. The cover is micro-quilted damask for added comfort. The mattress has a soft tension, which means it is more suited to lighter people, and is double sided, requiring seasonal turning and rotation.

The Snuggle Damask Quilt

The Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000 from Healthopaedic
Memory foam and pocket springs are both well known for the level of support and comfort they offer. Can’t decide which one would suit you more? Go for both! The Memory Pocket Deluxe from Healthopaedic, which costs £239 for a double, boasts 1000 pocket springs that respond to pressure individually. These are combined with 25mm of memory foam that moulds to your body, supporting you in your natural sleeping position and helping to prevent middle-of-the-night disturbance if you have a restless partner! This mattress is one-sided, meaning that it does not have to be flipped, only seasonally rotated to help it wear evenly.

The Healthopaedic Memory Pocket Deluxe

The Restapocket 1200 from Restopaedic
Exclusively stocked at Mattressman, Restopaedic’s range includes pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam at fantastic prices. The Restapocket 1200, priced at £299 for a double in our Red Z sale, is the second in the Restapocket range, featuring 1200 pocket springs and Restopaedic’s own iSoft hypoallergenic fibre fillings. Pocket sprung mattresses are highly recommended for the superior level of support they offer, as the individually pocketed springs respond only to direct pressure, meaning that the mattress moulds to your contours and prevents roll-together if you share a bed with a partner.

The Restopaedic Restapocket 1200

The Discovery from Healthosleep
The Discovery, priced at £399 for a double, is from the space range by Healthosleep, memory foam specialists whose mattresses are stocked exclusively at Mattressman. A 75mm thick layer of memory foam moulds to your body, minimising the build up of uncomfortable pressure points, while 1500 pocket springs make up the base. The Discovery is the only Healthosleep mattress to combine memory foam with pocket springs for a supremely supportive sleeping surface. It is not necessary to flip this mattress, as it is one-sided, requiring only seasonal rotation.

The Healthosleep Discovery

The Grand Duke from the British Bed Company
Upgraded from previous British Bed Company favourite, the Duke, the Grand Duke is a top-of-the-range pocket sprung mattress with luxurious natural fillings. 2000 pocket springs support you in your natural sleeping position, moulding to your contours and aligning your spine. The Grand Duke’s fillings include cotton and wool, known for both their comfort and natural temperature-controlling properties. The Grand Duke also contains cashmere and silk, which are found only in the finest quality mattresses and create an even softer sleeping surface. Like its predecessor, the Grand Duke comes in both a medium and a firmer tension, allowing you to pick your perfect mattress! Right now you can get massive savings on the Grand Duke, which is priced at £499 for a double!

The British Bed Company Grand Duke

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