Beware Mattress Van Scams!

A new mattress is the ultimate treat, and a great investment! A good quality mattress might last you as long as 10 years, and when you buy a new one, you are investing in your own wellbeing, as a good night’s sleep is key to both your physical and mental health.

That means you want to make sure you actually are getting a brand new mattress. Unfortunately, “van scams”, in which old mattresses are re-covered to look new and then sold from vans or in markets, are very common, and with the supposedly bargain prices on offer, sometimes they can be tempting.

Mattresses like these might seem cheap, but are a waste of money. They are obviously not fit for purpose, as many are salvaged from tips, meaning they have likely already reached the end of their lifespan and won’t provide either support or comfort. They’re also probably not something you’d want to bring into your house, let alone sleep on, as they’ll be harbouring years of waste from their previous owner, and could be full of dust mites.

And if you think that sounds bad, that’s not even the worst thing about these mattresses. It’s possible that they don’t meet proper safety regulations, meaning they could be highly flammable.

Always make sure that you buy your mattress from a reputable company. Check out reviews, and call and ask questions if you’re not sure. If you must buy a secondhand mattress, make sure it’s one from a range like our Slight Seconds, which are all either ex-display models that have never been slept on or brand new mattresses with minor faults, such as scuff marks, that mean they cannot be sold as new. These faults are always explained and photographed so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Remember to be careful and to keep in mind the old adage “if it looks too good to be true it probably is”, so you can make sure you’re getting a mattress that will guarantee you a good and safe night’s sleep for years to come.