Get a Grand Night's Sleep with the Grand Duke Mattress!

As part of the Sleep Council’s Buy British Beds month, we’re reviewing some of our favourite mattresses from the British Bed Company! The British Bed Company focus on sourcing the finest materials from around the UK, and assemble their mattresses here in Norwich. The British Bed Company sell everything from budget mattresses to high-end models, and all their mattresses are sold exclusively through Mattressman. They’re a great example of the homegrown companies the Sleep Council is promoting this month, with something available for everyone in their brilliant range!

One of our favourites is the Grand Duke, a redesigned version of the best-selling Duke mattress! Don’t worry, though, it has all the great features its predecessor did, but it’s packed with even more luxury fillings for an even better night’s sleep!

The Grand Duke from the British Bed Company

The Grand Duke features an incredible 2000 pocket springs. Mattressman recommends pocket sprung mattresses over open coil mattresses, as each individually pocketed spring responds only to direct pressure. This limits partner disturbance, making the Grand Duke the perfect choice for couples — no more being woken up by your partner rolling over or leaving the bed during the night! You can even go a step further, as the Grand Duke is also available as a zip-and-link, so that the springs in each side of the bed are totally separate. Like the Duke, you can buy the Grand Duke in both firm and medium tension.

The fillings are selected especially for comfort and heat regulation. Wool and cotton is a fantastic and very durable combination that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter and wicks away moisture during the night, aided by vents in the side of the mattress to help it breathe. The Grand Duke is sumptuously topped off with fillings of silk and cashmere for incredible comfort.

A traditional hand-tufted surface keeps all the fillings in place, while three rows of side stitching and the British Bed Company’s own Bulldog Border technology reinforce the sides, extending the sleeping surface and prolonging the life of the mattress. The Grand Duke is a two-sided mattress, and requires seasonal flipping and rotation to get the best possible wear, and the British Bed Company have added handles to make this easier.
The Grand Duke is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a luxury mattress at a fraction of the price! You can browse the full British Bed Company range here.

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