Mattresses Don't Get Cooler Than This!

We’re continuing to celebrate the Sleep Council’s Buy British Beds month, letting you know why British-made mattresses are some of the finest in the world! From using high-quality materials to meeting rigorous safety standards, British manufacturers work hard to make the very best mattresses, and the British Bed Company, whose products are sold exclusively by Mattressman, is no exception.

Now approaching its third anniversary, the British Bed Company focuses on everything Buy British Beds month is about. They source materials in Britain, use the best of both traditional methods and innovative modern technology, and create jobs here in Norwich! If you missed our review of their Grand Duke mattress, you can see it here. This week, we’re going to look at another one of their high-end mattresses, the Ortho Cool Memory 2000.

The Ortho Cool Memory 2000 from the British Bed Company

While the Grand Duke features traditional, natural fillings of wool, cotton, silk and cashmere, the Ortho Cool uses a modern favourite: memory foam! A massive 100mm of memory foam, to be precise! You’ll find that the memory foam moulds to your contours, supporting you in your natural sleeping position and preventing uncomfortable pressure points from building under your shoulders and hips. When you leave your bed, the memory foam springs back into shape, ready for the next night!

Memory foam works together with a base of 2000 pocket springs, which are each individually encased to allow independent movement. The springs mould like the foam to your body, supporting you in your natural sleeping position and allowing free movement during the night. If you share a bed, you’ll love the Ortho Cool, as both the spring base and memory foam sleeping surface respond only to direct pressure, letting both of you move about or even leave the bed during the night without disturbing each other — no more waking up miserable at each other!

Some people find memory foam can get a little warm during the night, so the Ortho Cool mattress has a THERMIC cover, cleverly designed, alongside the vents on the sides of the mattress, to stop heat from building up. This guarantees you a cool, comfortable night’s sleep! A hand-tufted surface and three rows of side stitching reinforce the mattress, and the British Bed Company’s unique bulldog border design ensures edge-to-edge support, keeping you from rolling out of bed. The Ortho Cool mattress doesn’t need to be flipped over, only seasonally rotated to help it wear evenly. The mattress has flag-stitched handles to help do this easily.

The Ortho Cool Memory 2000 is one of the best in the British Bed Company’s collection, and a fantastic choice for couples, those with back pain, or people who just want that extra bit of support! Order yours today!

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