Sizzling Summer Deals!

Summer’s here! Time to dig out the sandals, fire up the barbecue… buy a new mattress? Our summer sale is definitely enough to tempt you! We’ve got loads of mattress bargains for you at a time of year when sleep doesn’t always come easy, and we’ve shared just a few of our favourites below!

The Damask Quilt from Snuggle Beds
This is a fantastic choice for the spare room or for children. A soft tension mattress with hypoallergenic white fibre fillings and a sturdy open coil spring system, the Damask Quilt is great if you’re on a budget. A damask micro-quilted cover makes the sleeping surface extremely comfortable. The Damask Quilt is now just £119 for a double.

The Damask Quilt

The Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000 from Healthopaedic
Memory foam and pocket springs are promising to become a classic combination, offering supreme comfort and support that guarantees you a great night’s sleep! The 1000 pocket springs respond to direct pressure, while memory foam springs back into shape when you’re not lying on it. The result is a mattress that moulds to your body for personalised support, and allows you to move about freely during the night. The Memory Pocket Deluxe costs just £239 for a double in our summer sale!

The Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000

The Restapocket 1200 from Restopaedic
The middle of the Restapocket range, the Restapocket 1200 is a comfortable and durable pocket sprung mattress at an excellent price. The springs provide fantastic support, while the fillings are hypoallergenic and therefore great for allergy sufferers. This mattress is one-sided, meaning it doesn’t need to be flipped over, just rotated seasonally to promote even wear. The Restapocket 1200 is currently £299 for a double in our sale.

The Restapocket 1200

The Cotton Pocket 1200 Chenille from the British Bed Company
An old favourite from the British Bed Company, the Cotton Pocket 1200 is a luxurious pocket sprung mattress, with 1200 pocket springs that mould to your curves, providing support where you most need it. This is a great choice if you suffer from back pain! This mattress also makes the most of naturally cooling cotton, and has vents to allow air to circulate during the night — exactly what you need in the hot weather! The Cotton Pocket 1200 is now £329 for a double.

The Cotton Pocket 1200

The Discovery from Healthosleep
Specialising in memory foam, new manufacturer Healthosleep have come up with a range of memory foam mattresses to suit everybody! With the Discovery, they’ve combined high-density foam with a massive 1500 pocket springs so that you can get the benefits of both! The knitted cover is breathable, ensuring that the mattress doesn’t overheat during the night. You can buy the Discovery in our summer sale now for just £399!

The Discovery