The Strangest, Most Expensive Beds in the World

We're no strangers to a comfortable, beautifully designed bed at Mattressman. But we don't quite have the same spending power as some of the world's wealthiest, sadly. That's why, knowing what we know about bed frames, we thought we'd compile a Top-5 list of some of the world's strangest, most expensive beds.

5. Quantum Sleeper - £130,000

Perhaps the oddest bed on our list, the Quantum Sleeper is designed to offer the most mistrustful among us protection against kidnappers, biological warfare and natural disasters. We know it sounds ridiculous, even a little bit paranoid, but you never know when a gun-toting maniac is going to ride in on the crest of a tsunami, ricin in hand.

4. Parnian Furniture Bed - £172,000

This gorgeous luxury bed is hand carved and designed by architect Abdolhay Parnian. The bed frame is made from high-end materials, such as stainless steel and gold, and features a spinning TV and ipad holders.

3. Magnetic Floating Bed - £1,200,000

This is probably the coolest bed in the list. Using industrial strength magnets, the bed levitates above the ground, held in place by four metal wires. We're not sure what the actual bed is made from nor how comfortable it is, but seeing as it carries a price tag of 1.2 million, we hope it's not as stiff as it looks.

2. Baldacchino Supreme - £5,100,000

Designed by Stuart Hughes, this bed is made out of 24k gold and a combination of ash and cherry wood. The detailing is all hand carved and the headboard can be customised with precious stones of the customer's choosing.

1. Dodo Bassinet - £10,000,000
Right, we know this isn't technically a bed, but if anything, that makes the cost of the Dodo Bassinet even more exorbitant.
This solid gold crib takes 6 months to make and can be engraved for the lowly sum of just £72,000. That's right, only £72,000! And if that's not fancy enough for you, the crib's interior is lined with wild silk, Pima cotton and gold yarn. So, the next time you want to splash out on your millionaire offspring, forget about silver spoons and buy yourself a 24k Dodo Bassinet.

Sleep well!