Celebrating Diversity

Pride season is finally here, and with it comes the chance to celebrate diversity in all its forms. A lot of couples come through our doors every day, looking for either the perfect mattress or a bed frame that they both admire. It can be a hard task keeping everyone happy - just ask our sales team - but no matter who comes through those doors, we always aim to offer you the best advice and a mattress that you’ll love. That’s why we offer a range of different tensions and even split tension mattresses, because even the closest of couples don’t agree on everything.

If you and your partner have different preferences when it comes to mattress tension, ask a member of our sales team to show you one of our split tension mattresses. We can tailor your side of the bed to suit your individual needs, and if your partner fidgets a lot at night, you can opt for one of our pocket sprung models, which are specifically designed to minimise roll-together and offer you a better night’s sleep with fewer disturbances. Towns and cities up and down the country will soon be awash with colour in a sea of rainbow flags, and so before all of the celebrations get under way, we’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our support for the LGBT+ community and to remind everyone that, no matter who you are or whom you share your bed with, we’re here to help you sleep better and dream big!

Happy Pride everyone!